Reconcile Corporate Cards to Avoid Card Suspension

Transactions generally appear in Workday within three to five business days. Please make sure all verifications or expenses are completely approved prior to 61 days or the card will be suspended until transactions are completely approved. 

It is highly recommended that Cardholders/Submitters check Workday at least once a week, then start the reconciliation soon after to avoid possible delays with the approval process.

Account reinstatement is not automatic, Cardholder’s supervisor will need to send an email approving for reinstatement to or


  • For PCard accounts with recurring cell phone charges, if you receive a card with a new expiration date, the security code may be different. Therefore, the merchant must be informed of the updated card information. Otherwise, recurring charges will not be paid and may cause an interruption of service.
  • To update your mailing address or for other account changes, please contact Corporate Card Services. Note, updating your information in Workday will not automatically update a profile in the U.S. Bank website.
  • When initiating a Verification or Expense Report, the Cardholder/Submitter should monitor the Business Process or Process History to ensure approvals are occurring. Be aware, Workday email notification reminders will be sent until the Verification or Expense Report is fully approved.
  • If a cardholder is transferred to a new department or has a new supervisor, a new PCard Responsibilities Acknowledgement and/or Travel Card Use Agreement must be completed and emailed to the Corporate Card Services.