Travel Card

The Travel Card is a corporate credit card, available only to full-time University of Miami employees that travel on University business. It provides a convenient method to pay for business expenses while traveling, without using personal funds.

Applying for a TCard:

  • Employees who travel frequently (three or more trips in a fiscal year) or who are likely to incur substantial travel costs (e.g., field work which includes student travel expenses) may complete the steps below.
  • For infrequent travelers (less than three travels per year) please follow the reimbursement process. Any questions reach out to Disbursements.


Full Instructions

Quick Start Instructions:

Step 1

Contact to request a Travel Card.

Step 2

Complete the Travel Card Use Agreement form and must be signed by the applicant, Supervisor, Cost Center Manager (CCM), and SBM/SAO and emailed to

Approval of card will be based on justification of business need outlined under the Reasons Field on the Travel Card Use Agreement Form.

Step 3

Once approved by Corporate Card Services, the applicant logs into ULearn and successfully completes the online course Travel Card (TCard) Training and pass with a score of 100%. From ULearn, complete the University Travel Card Program (US Bank) online class. Applicants must receive a score of 100%. 

Step 4

Corporate Card Services will request for U.S. Bank send instructions for applicant to submit an online application.

Important: When completing the application:

  • Address field use home address.
  • Email Address field, use the UM issued email as in Workday, email should be ending in " 
  • Social Security, use "000-00" followed by the last 4 digits of your Workday employee ID number (e.g., 000-00-1234). Find an employee ID in Workday.

Step 5

A Travel Card will only be issued after all requirements have been met. Once approved, the applicant can expect to receive a card in the mail after 7-10 business days from the processed date. 

Travel Card Guides

 If you have any questions, please contact the Corporate Card office at 305-284-2417.

Personal Charge Repayment Process:

Should the Travel Card be accidently used for a personal charge please contact