Apply for a PCard

PCard Application Process:

The PCard is a corporate credit card, designed to allow UM departments flexibility when purchasing authorized commodities under $2500.

Before starting the application process, check if  the following apply:

  • There is no current cardholder in the department or the current cardholder is leaving the University.
  • A full time University employee
  • Business Justification validated by Supervisor, Cost Center Manager/Senior Business Manager


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Basic Instructions:

Step 1

Contact to request a Purchasing Card.

Step 2

The applicant logs into ULearn and successfully completes the online course Purchasing Card (PCard) Training and pass with a score of 100%.

Step 3

The applicant, Supervisor, and Cost Center Manager (CCM) must sign the PCard Responsibilities Acknowledgement, and submit separate emails to the Corporate Cards Office with the text, "I accept responsibilities for the use of the PCard".

Approval of card will be based on justification of business need outlined under the Reasons Field on the User Agreement Form.

 Step 4

A Purchasing Card will only be issued after all requirements have been met. Once approved, the applicant can expect to receive a card in the mail after 7-10 business days from the processed date. The Corporate Cards Office will initiate the request for US Bank to send online application instructions to the applicant via email. 

Important: When completing the application:

  • For the Address field, type the applicant's home address
  • For the Email Address field, type the UM issued email address ending only in ""