PCard Type Purchases

Authorized and Unauthorized PCard Purchases



The following expenditures are allowed, subject to the $2,500 per transaction limit

  • Advertisements: Job Advertising, Posting Classes Online
  • Cell Phone Recurring Charges
  • Charitable Contributions (e.g., fundraising galas or events)
  • Dues - Professional, Civic, Community Org.
  • Fines/Penalties (e.g., Government agency fines)
  • Government Agency Fees
  • Journal Publications & Abstract Fees
  • Licenses - Professional
  • Magazines
  • Meeting Amenities (e.g., food and beverages for meetings)
  • Membership - Professional Org.
  • Permits
  • Postage
  • Promotional Items
  • Registration - Conferences, Seminars
  • Subscriptions - (e.g., books and magazines)
  • Sunpass Charges







The following expenditures are strictly prohibited. Some items may be authorized on a one-time basis. For questions, contact pcard.ap@miami.edu.

  • All Contracts (PO)
  • All services (e.g., Consulting, Copying/Duplicating, Parking Fees, Printing, Repairs) (PO)
  • Alcoholic Beverages (Contact the Purchasing Department and Risk Management)
  • Animals and Related Purchases (Contact the Purchasing Department)
  • Biological and Medical Products/Supplies (e.g. drugs, lab fees) (PO)
  • Capital Equipment (PO)
  • Catering (PO)
  • Contracts (PO)
  • Computer Hardware and Software (PO)
  • Consulting (PO)
  • Copying/Duplicating (Contact Managed Print Services)
  • Furniture (PO)
  • Gifts/Gift Certificates/Gift Cards (Instead get prior written approval first from Disbursements and then Corporate Cards to use a Travel Card.)
  • Maintenance Contracts (PO)
  • Parking Fees (Contact pcard.ap@miami.edu)
  • Printers Repairs (PO)
  • Personal Expenditures/Personal Items
  • Radioactive/Hazardous Materials (PO)
  • Travel & Entertainment Expenses (Travel Card)