Corporate Card Restrictions While on Non-Intermittent Leave of Absence

The Corporate Card Services office will be notified if a cardholder has been approved for a leave of absence. Please be advised that while the cardholder is on leave, their Purchasing Card or Travel Card must be suspended. Prior to going on leave, discontinue using any card(s) as early as possible, and reconcile all transactions and/or use other authorized payment methods to avoid issues with pending transactions in Workday. The use of either card is prohibited during the leave period and is considered unallowable. Both cardholders and their managers will receive a Workday notification advising of the upcoming suspension. To be proactive, if a card is necessary for business continuity while the employee is on leave, a secondary card holder should be designated and have completed the process for acquiring a card to avoid service disruptions. Please note that this will not affect cell phone services.